Where to begin…


They say the best place to start is right at the beginning, but I’m afraid 26 years is a long time and I don’t have the energy to take anyone through the journey from the day I ran around naked having just learned to walk, to now. I’ll spare you.

So I’ll just let you know where I currently find myself – literally. Another re-run of Oprah is on the TV – she’s talking to Simon Cowell and he’s just thanked her for being an awesome friend, flashed her a toothy smile and given her a Cowell wink; the book “German for Dummies” is lying beside me on the couch and is open on the page entitled, “Talking about Cities, Countries and Nationalities”;  my Green Tea, with a hint of Berry, in my purple tea cup is cold, but I’m drinking it anyway, and I’m already wondering what I’m going to make for supper. And so it happens that I’m now also typing away at the first post of my blog – aptly named, Booty to Berlin.

“Why that name,” you may ask (or you may not be interested at all…either way, I’ll tell you) – well, quite simply put, I’m trying to get my booty to Berlin to (a) be with the man I’m totally smitten with, and (b) start a new chapter in my life.

It sounds rather clichéd, I know – it’s the stuff romance novels are made of – or drama novels, I’m not sure which – perhaps a little bit of both. But it’s my story and it’s the reality I face every day. One little South African female remaining defiant against the odds that pop up on a daily basis – not defiant because I always have the courage to be, but defiant because I serve a faithful God and I’m surrounded by the strength of loved ones who want to see the change happen just as much as I do.

And so my blog is born. I can’t promise it will be entertaining – but it’ll be cathartic for me, and that makes it worth doing. So this is a process of: saying goodbye to life as I know it; saying hello to the life that awaits me; talking through the frustrating/interesting/funny (but mostly frustrating!) procedure of trying to get a piece of paper that entitles me to stay in Berlin; talking about the joys and challenges of a long-distance relationship; and reveling in the journey of faith in my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I’ll attempt too to include a photograph of Cape Town in my posts regularly – as I count down to packing my bags and saying, “Cheers!”

Table Mountain, Cape Town


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