A few little points


A while ago I was asked what relationship advice I’d give people if I were to write a book on the subject. It was a good question and it challenged me. These are 12 points I came up with:

(1) Put God at the centre of your relationship – Without God at the centre of your relationship, your relationship has no centre. He is the foundation you should build the script of your relationship on; he’s the melody that will hold your song together. Couples should be united under Christ – if not, a vast emptiness will always exist and peace will not be possible. He’ll be the rock in turbulent times, the One who blesses in joyous times, you’ll need to call on Him together.

(2) Your partner is a gift from God – treasure him/her. You’re not with your partner by some random cosmic occurence – he/she’s been placed in your life in the perfect position, at the perfect time.

(3) Respect the separate lives you’ve both lived. Your life together is a joining of two that once were separate.

(4) Be slow to anger and watch your tongue – words can become etched very deeply in the heart, mind and soul of a person – moreso the person you love, because your love adds weight to words – including those you wish you hadn’t said.

(5) There will be times when you’re both weak – physically weak, mentally weak, spiritually weak – remind your partner of their strength in Christ and of the strength they’ve been given; in times when they’re knocked down, help pick them up – do so with a firm hand, but one that also displays love, gentleness, and compassion.

(6) Always be honest

(7) Always be sincere

(8) Make sure you always maintain an element of fun in your relationship

(9) Understand what it means that your partner loves you – they’ve given their heart to you and it’s not easy to give your heart to someone – so when it’s given, accept it with humility and protect it.

(10) Always make sure you can laugh with one another.

(11) Protect what you have together because it’s rightfully yours and it’s been given to you.

(12) Just love one another.

“Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love.” – 1 Corinthians 13:13

Today’s glimpse of Cape Town…


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