Blegh Friday


For some reason, I just cannot help but feel like these little dudies today….

Now there could be one of several things making me feel this way today:

(1) My heart’s sore because I miss GH incredibly *sniff*

(2) The person who sits in the cubicle next to me is blissfully unaware that I can hear her music through her earphones…and she keeps playing the same song over and over….and over again

(3) The person who sits in the cubicle behind me is munching away at her chips (“crisps” for those of you who don’t live in South Africa 😉 ), and she’s enjoying them so much that she’s chewing with her mouth open and I can hear every single crunch *cringe*

(4) The weird dude who sends me arb emails about, urm, nothing, is being weird

(5) It’s someone’s birthday today and he’s brought cake into the office for everyone to enjoy…but I can’t have any, and it’s my favourite type of cake

I think it’s all of these things that’s making me feel blegh! (Especially point numero uno!). But I shall attempt to rise above it all – embrace the fact that my neighbour in the next cubicle hasn’t realised she can listen to more than one song from an album; wish the other neighbour well in her endeavour to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for “The most noise made whilst consuming chips”; deal with the weird dude by being decidedly weird back – perhaps bite the heads of jelly babies off in front of him; and be grateful that I haven’t consumed cake because it means my bum won’t get big *score*!

As for my heart feeling sore – I can’t make that better…

On a more positive note – U2’s coming to South Africa next year. Although I’d have loved to see them, I didn’t manage to get a ticket and Cape Town in particular is abuzz with the news that they’ll be performing here – tickets for the Cape Town leg  of the 360° tour were sold out in 6 days….63,000 in 6 days…

I came across a very interesting and inspiring article about U2 frontman Bono this morning. Select the highlighted link “this article from World Magazine” from the following site:


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