Watching fish in German


As soon as I’d decided I was moving to Berlin (which was pretty much 3 hours into my holiday there), I realised I’d have to learn to speak German. And let me tell you, it’s no mean feat.

I’ve been attending German classes for 9 weeks now and can say the basics – things like:

– “Hi, my name is blah blah.”

– “This is my mother. My mother’s name is Blah and she is 57 years old.”

– “I live in Cape Town and come from South Africa.”

– “I love you.”

– “I’m sorry.”

– “No, I don’t like blah.”

– “Duh!”

The only trouble is that I don’t have anyone to practice the language with, so needless to say I walk around the house speaking German to my two dogs. Surprisingly, their response isn’t to look on and listen with interest…no…instead, they leave the room, muttering “weirdoooo” under their breath. Perhaps they find the accent a little too harsh, I’m not sure?

Well, in my quest to learn the language and get my bootytoberlin, I’ve taken it upon myself to watch movies in German. Now look, I’m no fan of dubbing – especially when it’s not done properly – but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do…and at the end of the day, it’s all about love, so who am I to argue!?

So this is what I’ll be watching this weekend:

Findet Nemo


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  1. When I spoke to you earlier today, I knew that you were having a “blegh” day (without you having to say so..). I love what you have written so far and I know it helps you on your path forward. You WILL get your bootytoberlin…trust me…xxx

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