Crazy little thing


Love certainly makes you feel funny things, do funny things, and say funny things. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve crossed the road without looking, purely because I was daydreaming about GH. Love should come with its own warning and user’s manual.

My love for GH makes me want to stand at the very top of Table Mountain and declare that I’ve finally found The One – and that I’m so incredibly happy and thankful. And just in case no-one hears me, I’ll have it written in the skies. And just in case no-one can read it, I’ll have it broadcast on all the major TV channels across the world. Well…at least…that’s what I can do when I’m daydreaming. For now, I just have to be content with telling people why I have a geeky smile on my face the whole time (because I love GH), or why I sometimes walk around with a teary face (because I miss him!).

You finally meet the love of your life and something as annoying as immigration law tries to keep you apart!


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