Straws and such


This week is turning out to be a very challenging one. It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already spent part of it in tears and the other part of it shouting and screaming out to the air around me.

Lots of little speed bumps have popped up, but this morning I hit the one that pushed me over the edge – the Mother Bump! I think it’s just been a combination of all the little hiccups I’ve experienced over the last 3 months that have finally culminated and left me slumped over my desk – hitting my head very hard in the process.

I’m trying to save every single penny I have (which on the bright side could prove to be an effective weight-loss strategy!), and I was relying on receiving quite a nice amount of dosh from our income tax revenue service. I’ve been waiting for them to pay up and eventually called this morning to find out what the dealio is…turns out, I didn’t submit a return in 2008 (reason: I was earning under a certain amount that meant I didn’t have to friggin submit one), and that means that they’re now refusing to pay out. *sigh*

When I heard this, I looked at the phone incredulously, mumbled some sort of ‘thanks’ to the dude on the other side of the line, and walked to the kitchen in a zombie-like state – where I proceeded to make the strongest cup of coffee known to mankind. Ok, ok I lie…in between ending the call and making the coffee, I had a mini freak out…but I’m entitled to. Sometimes it’s ok to be a little weak – one cannot always be strong, or always be positive – and I struggle with this because I’ve always thought you simply HAVE to be strong, no matter what. Well…bleh! It’s not humanly possible. Especially not today.


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  1. You don’t always have to be strong – you are only human and humans have lots of weak moments! You may see the SARS thing as a major bump now, but trust me, it will be sorted and they will pay you the money they owe you. I think it just rocked you because you were not expecting it! Love you – a lot! xxx

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