Blobman to Snowman!


One thing that really helps a long-distance relationship is sharing the smallest details with each other. All too often couples who are together physically, lose sight of the small things…the little details and when you don’t get to share those, you realise just how important they are.

GH and I, for instance, send one another pictures of our supper. Yes, probably sounds odd, but it’s just one way to share the small details of our day with one another. 🙂

In GH’s part of the world it’s snowing like crazy and in my part of the world the sun’s out and people are soaking up rays on the beach. So he sent me some photos of the snow, seeing as I’ve never seen snow, let alone touched it. One of the photos included a “Window Snowman” that GH had made…but I reckoned it didn’t look like at snowman at all – it just looked like two blobs. It was a blobman. Now, besides paying attention to the little things, it’s also important to have fun! So…I combined the details with having fun and thanked GH for his pic…but edited it slightly so that the blobman looks more like a snowman – and I gave him a name too – Samili. (I don’t know, don’t ask…)

Samili before

Samili after



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