Two little Snow people!


You remember Samili, yes? Well, GH loves him, which is great, because it means he appreciates my sense of humour…and quirkiness 😀 He even took a photo of Samili this morning – apparently the poor little thing’s a little sad because it has to sit outside in the cold. But, GH has come up with a very good suggestion…Samili needs a partner! And so, he created Chilli. (Note: Samili is male, Chilli is female….and for some reason, GH has made Chilli a little fatter…).

The photos GH has taken of these two little snow characters are adorable – they look completely desolate, sitting outside the windowsill, wondering when they’ll be allowed to come inside. They just don’t understand the moral dilemma we’re in though – if we let them in, they’ll die…so we have to remain tough and love them enough to leave them outside!

Look at these two little things, how could you not love them?

Adorable? Yes they are! And I’ve become somewhat addicted…to the point of creating a few little cartoons of them – which I’ll share at a later point.



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