Borno Tomatoes


GH: Promise me you’ll live forever?

Me: Urm, no…I can’t do that.

GH: *sad voice* Ok

Turns out GH wasn’t asking me to promise him that I’d live forever (much to my relief!) – it was just a little bit of miscommunication caused by a momentary glitch in our Skype connection. What he’d actually asked was, “Promise me you’ll love me forever” – and I’d definitely not have said no to that if I’d heard the question correctly!!

When we realised what had happened, we both laughed and then I commented on how bad it must’ve sounded to him to hear me say I can’t promise that I’ll love him forever – meanwhile, on the other end of the world – I’m thinking…how on earth can he expect me to live forever!?

The results of the conversation could have been more catastrophic than that though and it reminded me how important it is to be aware that miscommunication does happen and you just have to realise that things may not always be as they seem to you.

Comedian Ken Davis has a lovely story about him and his wife. He was heading out to the store to buy some groceries and when he returned, his wife asked:

“Where are the Borno tomatoes?”

“The what?” replied Ken

“The Borno tomatoes…” his wife said, getting annoyed.

“The whaaaat?” asked Ken, a second time.

“The Borno tomatoes…where are the Borno tomatoes?!” his wife asked, exasperated.

“I don’t even know what Borno tomatoes are!” replied Ken, confused

Turned out, what his wife was asking was:

“Where’s the Bourne Ultimatum”

This is a movie she’d wanted him to rent out on DVD…not some type of tomato from a distant land!

Miscommunication happens – it’s how we deal with it that matters.


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