Verbal diarrhoea


Verbiage is not an uncommon term when it comes to my personality – it’s very rare that I’d be at a loss for words – though…since GH has entered my life, it’s starting to happen more often. Probably the result of simply not comprehending, to the fullest extent, how amazing he is. But now and then random words pop into my head and I jot them down…and what they form are little poems or arbitrary sayings. Here’s one such poem that I wrote – with GH in mind…obviously 😉


so far from home

on my way to another land

excited and tired, I arrived, traveling alone

and then you took my hand

it was a whirlwind of emotions

with a thousand little smiles

we quickly set the wheels in motion

and I wouldn’t hesitate to again travel all those miles

for you

to see you once again

to get the chance to touch your skin

to listen to your heartbeat

to feel the rush of love you create within

for you

i’d try to sing a song

if I could carry a decent tune

to explain that I hope it’s not too long

before I lie with you under the stars and moon

i’d defy space and time

just to be with you

and if it guaranteed you’d be mine

then I’d be yours, it’s true

for you

for a chance to hold you

in the early morning hours

for a chance to feel your touch

and dance with you under love’s endless showers

i’d travel all that way again

definitely, without a doubt

i’d stand waiting on the train platform with my suitcase

knowing that it’s me and you this is all about…

for us

so close your eyes

and just imagine

my endless, joyous cries

about the fact that this has finally happened

believe what I say

and never doubt it

it’s there with you I wish to lay

just always know it




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