Merry Christmas!


Christmas Eve:

I attended a 1hr communion service at Hillsong Cape Town – and it was lovely! I’d been feeling a little low and both emotionally and physically tired – and the service completed lifted my spirits. It was so refreshing to be able to open myself up and make myself totally vulnerable before the Lord – and just lift my hands and thank Him for this life…and His unfailing love.

Phil, our pastor, mentioned something that gave me goosebumps: “God accepts you just as you are, but He loves you too much to leave you that way.”

After the service, I joined my parents and sister for Christmas Eve supper – yuummmmmmm! I typical South African braai (…barbecue…). I hadn’t eaten the entire day, so needless to say I stuffed myself…whooooops!

I then headed off home and woke up at 3am to chat to GH 🙂 He’d had a Christmas Eve party with friends and had attended Midnight Mass at the Berlin Dome. We chatted and then opened our gifts to one another together. He LOVED what I got for him..and I friggin LOOOOOVED what he got for me:

– DVDs….in German…so that I practice the language, lol! And a little German learning DVD thingie.

– A box of my favourite German chocolates (Hanuta and Knoppers!!!!) – he knows me so well – he’s attention to detail astounds me!

– Then…the BIG one…he’d spent a few weeks and many hours selecting and editing photos from our August holiday in Berlin, Rome and Greece…and had them published as a lovely photo coffee table book. Yes…do I hear you saying “awwwwww sweeeet”? Of course, because it is sweet and so beautiful!

What did I get him…:

– 2 African art pieces for his wall

– Salt and pepper shakers in the shape of two little people hugging…so noenoes! (Note: noenoes = cute)

– An aluminium water bottle with contemporary Christian art on it (the theme I’d chosen for the bottle was that of rockstar…because GH is a rockstar! So there’s images of guitars, etc on it.)

– And the main present – a big ceramic beer mug with an African theme – the main graphic on it is a lion. He loves all things Africa – so he loved this gift 😀

By the time we said good bye to one another and reminded one another of how much we love and miss each other, it was 5.06am in South Africa! The sun had risen and the morning birds were already chirping!!!

Christmas Day:

I woke up far too early….9am…and met GH online – he left for Prague today and wanted to say good bye. He was online, but was clearly still sleeping! Lol – not a morning person at all…one of the differences between us 🙂

– Then it was off to my Grandmother’s house where I proceeded to how the family what GH had given me – the book brought tears to everyone’s eyes and their reactions were very heartwarming and unexpected – let’s just say GH earned 1 million more brownie points and is now unofficially-officially part of the family…! Muahahahahaha! 😀

– I ate far too much and then headed home and SLEPT!

All in all, it’s been a pretty good Christmas.

The last I heard from GH…he sms’d me a few minutes ago to say he’s passing through some place with an unpronounceable name!



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