A blegh post


I’ve had to be so firm with myself lately and it’s rather tiring! I can tell I’m letting my mind run away with me – conjuring up all sorts of ‘worst-case’ scenarios about my 3 months in Germany, when I’ll try to find a job. It’s the uncertainty that’s (literally) making me go mad. Everyone around me seems to be so positive that things will work out – and I’m holding on to the fact that God is going before me and He will prepare things for me. It seems though that I’m the ever-doubting Thomas and it’s like I’m wading through molasses.

Where is my faith and where is my positivity?! It’s got to be hiding somewhere?


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  1. When you’re the one going through the major events, you’re always the one with the most cautious and uncertain attitude! I think it’s a bit of a self-preservation mechanism. I’m going through a bit of that myself (not quite ready to share the big news/plans on my blog) and I’m so tired of crying to my friends about my extreme fears only to be told “It’s all going to work out!”. Grr… let me think of the negative!

    But, with that, I’ll just say that it will work out for you. You may not get exactly what you want when you’re there; you may be stressed and frustrated with the process; but one day it will be part of the bigger picture and you’ll look back and say that all the uncertainty and madness was worth it!

    In the mean time, having doubts and uncertainties just shows that you’re human.

    I always say HOPE for the best, PLAN for the worst.

    • I totally hear you! Being in the middle of the madness and uncertainty reflects in my attitude – and my feelings follow alongside too – rather tiring, isn’t it! But like you say – there is a bigger picture and in the end it WILL all be worth it.

      I guess, while we’re in the middle of all the craziness, we just have to try to keep our heads above the water, even though underneath, we’re kicking like mad in an attempt to stay afloat? And, ultimately, no matter how much we kick and try to stay afloat, God’s the lifeguard, and He’s got His eyes on us all the time.

      You’d better share your big new soooooon! 🙂 xxx

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