What I want…


I was sitting at my desk, doing my work and all of a sudden I just thought…”The things I want this year” – and so this post was born.

Hmmm, the things I want this year – quite a lot I suppose and very random – but it all makes sense in my little brain:

– Happiness

– Support

– I want my relationship with GH to soar to amazing heights

– I want my relationship with God to grow even stronger – exceedingly, abundantly, overflowing

– I want happiness for my mom, my dad, and my sister – I want them to know they’re always loved and I want them to feel that wherever they go

– I want breakthroughs for all my friends and family

– I want days where I can lie on soft, green grass and stare up at the sky with a feeling of complete peace within my soul

– I want an endless supply of yummy chocolate muffins

– I want to (finally) get over the things that hold me back; the fears; the doubts…I want to get over my mind

– I want pure love in abundance

– I want to meet ooodles and ooooodles of people – and I want oodles and ooooodles of people to meet me!

– I want to make a difference in the lives of others – even if all I can do is help one person to smile

– I want rest

– I want the power and awesomeness of God to make me one of the most steadfast, confident, go-getter people in the world

– I want to paint

– I want to get into photography – taking snapshots of little pieces of the world – even if they seem mundane and arb to others

– I want to start reaching my full God-potential

– I want to see GH reach the goals he’s set and I want to see him smile!

There’s lots more I want and I’m sure this list isn’t finished yet!


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