Yesterday was an extremely positive day – why?….I’m not sure. But what I am sure about is that it felt good to finally be positive – as if I’d been pulled straight out of the thick pit of molasses I’d been wading through for far too long. Yeah sure, moods are funny things and I may hit a dip in the days to come, but that’s fine! 🙂

One thing that may have helped my mood was hearing GH’s voice in the morning and enjoying the satisfaction of being able to call him to wake him up. Yes, I’m evil that way, muhahahaha. You see, the thing is – I’m a morning person…doesn’t mean I like getting up in the morning, but it means I can get up in the morning and enter a full-on, coherent conversation within seconds. GH on the other hand…he’s not a morning person. He’d prefer to (a) wake up whenever he feels like it or (b) wake up and then continue to arb in bed for another 62 hours. 😮

When we were on holiday together in August last year, this often led to me stomping my foot and throwing a tantrum – I wanted to get up early and get a head-start on seeing sites like the Parthenon in Athens, Sistine Chapel in Rome and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. So I’d wake up and burst into his room demanding that he arise! But he didn’t….and I’d spend about an hour begging, pleading and making deals. Anyway, somehow we managed to eventually compromise – I got to see the sites and he got to sleep a little extra.

And that’s what it’s about really, isn’t it…compromise? Giving a little and taking a little so you can find a balance. It’s like baking the perfect cake – just the right amount of chocolate and sugar makes for a perfect cake…but overdoing or underdoing* it can lead to producing something that you won’t enjoy and that you’d much rather throw away.


(*I think I just created my own word…but that’s ok, because this is my blog :P)


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  1. That’s so funny! I think of my self as a morning person, too. At least, once I drag myself out of bed. The moment my feet hit the floor I’m peppy. My husband was a grumpy morning person. But I found that I could bring him around most mornings by not forcing him to smile. (It would help that I’d not react to his grumpy mood, too.)

    Funny… my best friend is a grumpy morning person, too. Maybe it’s true that opposites attract…

    I’m glad you’ve had a good day!

    • Hehehe, it’s difficult dealing with a ‘non-morning’ person – an the more you pester, the more annoyed they get. But like you say – you learn how to deal with the situation 😉

      Oh definitely – opposites attract for sure!

      Hope you’re having a good day! 🙂 xx

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