Barney the Encourager


A few weeks ago one of our church leaders spoke about Encouragement. In particular, he spoke about Barnabas who was born ‘Joseph’ but was later named Barnabas by the apostles.

Barnabas Son of Encouragement

(*I’ve changed the pic of Barnabas a little because I’m sure he walked around with a smile and didn’t look as serious as in the original pic 🙂 )

Yip – Barney was one of the great encouragers and is certainly someone we can take some lessons from. The talk on Encouragement really sat well with me – it stirred something in my soul. And the challenge put to the congregation was to ‘be a Barnabas’…be an Encourager.

I’ve tried to make a concerted effort to take up this challenge and just this past week I was presented with the opportunity to encourage someone. What’s even better is that I’ve never met this person! She’s a friend of GH’s and stays in Germany and somehow her and I started contacting one another, became FB friends, and now chat on occasion – but I consider her a friend and I was blessed to be able to encourage her. I asked her to mention all the things that were bothering her – no matter how silly they may have seemed to her – and I took each point and attempted to put it into context and turn negativity surrounding each, into positivity. Towards the end of the conversation, not only was she feeling much better, but so was I!

You see, that’s the beauty of walking in the spirit of Encouragement – it not only helps others, but it helps you too. Ok look, I’m by no means the most positive person in the world and I’ll probably look back on this post at times and think “argh, whatever!” – but that’s just because I’m human, I have emotions and I’ll definitely stumble many times along my journey. But it’s still good to practice being an Encourager – I for one hope that it eventually just becomes a way of life for me.


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