Papers, papers, every-friggin-where!


So attempting to move to Germany is a life-changing decision and as all things are with me, I always seem to choose the most challenging option – so it makes sense that I’d choose to move to a country that has such strict laws it’s probably impossible for a bird to migrate north for the Winter. (They do migrate in Winter, right?)

But things are slowly falling in place, and this morning I finally managed to get my last few official documents together which need to be submitted to the Consulate….it feels like I have 250,000,000 pieces of paper, each with their own certified copy, that I need to hand in to these dudies – I don’t think registering a birth is even this complicated! And all of this for just a Tourist Visa! If you want to come in to South Africa, all you have to do is sneak through a hole in one of the fenced borders.

But what’s made this process easier is the support I’ve got from friends and family. In particular, my mom and dad. Obviously, working from 7am – 4pm every day doesn’t leave much time for me to organise things or phone around to query all sorts of nonsense – but I’ve been so lucky to have the help of my parents who’ve done all the phoning around for me. And this morning they accompanied me to the bank to organise some Forex. (Though, perhaps it’s because I had to sign over General Power over my accounts to them….so now, after 11 years of keeping my banking a secret from them, they’ll finally be able to know what’s going on there…and they’ll be able to to steal all my millions. Ok, fine, I don’t have millions, but if I did, they’d have access.)

Thanks mom and dad!!! Love you muchhhhhly! 😀


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  1. I can’t begin to imagine how many trees were killed for my husband’s green card to America!! And now that I’m starting to do my paperwork for my return to Scotland, I can almost hear the trees being cut down!!

    I’m glad you have someone to help you through! I know that there are several US/UK forums for dual-national couples moving between those two countries – maybe there’s one for folks heading to Germany that you could look to for assistance, too?

    Best of luck!!

    • I’ve often wondered if there is any forum or even one of those companies that helps with moving to Germany, but because it’s not an immigration country, I don’t think there is 😦 So it’s pretty-much an uphill battle to be travelled alone most of the time – one step at a time. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhrgh! 🙂

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