Half a year!


Today GH and I have been together for half a year – it may not be the hugest milestone in the world, but it’s a milestone nonetheless and if I think back to the challenges we’ve already faced, then I’m so very proud of us and I just can’t help but smile. 🙂

The biggest challenge has been the distance – I mentioned to GH the other day that I once declined the offer to date someone because he lived 4 hours away from me….hahahahaha – you see, God has a sense of humour. Because now I’ve fallen in love with someone who stays about 16 hours (by plane) away from me, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I bet God saw this coming and was rubbing His hands together – giggling – thinking, “Awwwee, she has no idea what’s coming her way!” And then BOOM – GH!!! lol

Sure, the distance is one of those challenges that I wish didn’t exist – but we’re getting through it. I think our love for one another and the fact that we’re both committed to God, really helps. We draw our strength from these two things and it makes it a little easier to bear. Buuuuuuuut obviously right now I’d much rather prefer to be with GH – perhaps go out for a meal to celebrate the half year mark, or do something simple like snuggle up with a dvd and popcorn (which would suit me just fine because GH doesn’t really like popcorn, which means….more for me!!)

But whatever – I wonder where we’ll be a year from now?!

Happy anniversary babe!



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