…and a tooth for a tooth


I had a slight dental mission on Friday – one of my teeth had been bothering me for some time and by Friday I’d just decided to have it checked out by a dentist while I’m still on medical aid. I kept telling myself the following:

“It’s all going to be ok. Sure, you’ve not seen a dentist in 18 years, but your teeth are faaaab! And if he has to work on something, then it’s ok…it’ll be something small…”

Turns out, it wasn’t something big, but it also wasn’t something small. One of the prehistoric fillings I have needs to be replaced. Whilst the dentist was muscling his way around my mouth, and his assistant was suctioning out any remnant of moisture, I thought, “I bet the last person to have fillings this prehistoric was Noah. I mean this dentist dude’s got all this fancy schmancy equipment – even his chair moves in ways I never knew a chair could…and here I am with my fillings that date back to 1992. I bet he’s having a giggle about it in his head…”

But it just shows how things have changed and advanced over the years. As a child I remember the process of getting a filling being rather tedious. You go in and the dentist drills, hammers, pushes, pulls, and yanks…and 6 hours later, you have a filling. Well, nowadays it’s totally different – while I was sitting in the chair glancing at the inside of my mouth which was on full display on the dentist’s HUUUUUGE (like 20,0000 inch!) screen, he said: “Right, so we’ll fix the main tooth up on Monday, but today, I’m giving you two little fillings just to protect your teeth. You don’t have holes, but these will prevent any in future.” And then…as if by magic, 1, 2, 3 and I had two fillings. I was out of there within 20 minutes…but I was a whole lot of money poorer 😦

Anyway – so today is D-day. Today we take on The Main Tooth – hold thumbs!!! 😀


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