V-Day & all that Jazz


I’m not 100% sure how I feel about Valentines Day. For a long time I had a huge aversion to it, but that was an aversion borne out of the fact that I didn’t have anyone to call my Valentine. Now, however, things have changed, and I do have a special someone! 🙂 The only problem is, GH isn’t too fond of the whole brouhaha surrounding V-Day and I totally understand that – it’s not such a major thing for me either to be honest…but still…I’m a girl and therefore, by default, things like this get me excited. GH on the other hand is a boy, and when it comes to things like this, they’re pretty much “yeah, whatever…” about it.

I wanted to get him excited about it though – and I wanted us to use the opportunity to have a special date – because we’re doing long distance, I think we can use gimmicky things such as V-Day as a way to keep things going and thwart the long-distance monster. What’s the harm in that, right? Sure, sure, every day should be V-Day and February 14th shouldn’t be THE day to express your love…but still, it’s not a bad idea to get into the fun of the idea and enjoy the small things!

I don’t think Pope Gelasius did anything wrong when he created V-Day. In fact I bet his intentions were really good. And in the hustle and bustle of life – where so many little things pass us by each minute – what’s the harm in taking some time out to stop and appreciate the important people in your life 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day all!


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