A day from…


Today was no ordinary day.  It started off really well and then…then it got really bad…really quickly.

I had some dental work done last Friday and this past Monday – a very small job at a very big price – but luckily I have medical aid, yay! Or so I thought. Turns out, the medical aid tells me today that, in fact, they’re not reimbursing me for the work done – and this, after I specifically called them on Friday to confirm that they would cover me – “Yes you’re fully covered. You may have to pay a little amount in if the amount you claim is more than what’s in your savings…but otherwise, you are covered.” But today it’s a different story – “You’re not covered.” But I’ve refused to just give in – the amount is substantial – and if they told me they’d cover me – then they need to cover me…so now I’m making them listen to the recording of the call I had with the consultant…and they’ve yet to get back to me on their decision.

And that was my morning. It gets worse.

I walk to the train station and the wind is so strong it’s blowing concrete pillars over! Concrete pillars – I weigh far less than one of these things, so you can imagine the effect the wind was having on me. My handbag was flying to one side, my lunch bag was flying to the other side, my hair was aaaaaall over the place AND….it would be the day that I decided to wear a skirt. A SKIRT. So there I am – trying to control two bags, my hair and my skirt. In the process, my blouse is blown upwards… 😦 Ok, so there I am trying to control two bags, my hair, my skirt and my blouse. And it’s near impossible to move forward when the wind is so strong – I must have resembled some cartoon character attempting to move forward again some sort of forcefield! I thought I was walking forward when in fact, I was stuck in the same spot.

But…it gets worse.

I get to the station after work and some trains are out of service….and my train is delayed. As I’m waiting for my train, more and more people gather around me – because their trains aren’t working, they’re going to use mine. Eventually – when there are about 100 odd people gathered, someone taps me on my shoulder…”Your skirt’s zip is open.” And so I realise that my black and white, candy-striped bum has been on display for 100 commuters 😦 *sob*

I decide, however, to look on the bright side and laugh at myself. Sure, I just lost a huge amount of money due to some consultant’s stupidity; I took 10 minutes longer to get to the station because I was fighting the wind; I showed my bum off to 100 strangers…but hey…I’m still alive and kicking.

Then I got home and realised it ain’t over yet.

I had no electricity. Argh! So it’s off to the shops to get some powwwwer. I get back home and as I’m entering the code into my electricity meter, I realise, it’s not a lack of power that’s the problem – the meter itself isn’t working. Turns out that due to the hectic wind, the powerline’s been blown over.


I stood in my kitchen for a few minutes wondering what on earth is going on. Why is all this stuff happening?!

Well, at least it can’t get any worse. Oh hang on – it can. I’m driving to my folks’ house (so that I can have supper, shower and charge my cellphone) and someone nearly drives into me. Totally her fault, but she begins to shout at me and give me the finger.


And so that’s where things are at currently. And I was tempted to call this post “A day from hell” – but it’s not. It’s a day from Heaven. The truth is – I won’t let any of this get me down. Ok…it will get me down – especially the medical aid debacle – but I’m going to try to remain positive. At the end of the day, I’m alive, I have my health, I have the two most wonderful parents, an awesome sister, and the most loving boyfriend anyone could ever ask for – and he loves me completely – even if I accidentally show my bum to strangers!

Holds thumbs for tomorrow….!!!!!


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