Bureaucracy and Me


Whoa! Today’s been rather hectic, to say the least. For a few months now I’ve been getting all sorts of documents together in order to apply for my Tourist Visa to Germany. It’s been a battle at times, but I eventually got everything I needed and I was confident that my appointment with the Consulate would go well.

I got to the Consulate building at around 9.40am and the place was rather full – I wondered how long I’d be waiting for, because there were only 3 consultants and way more than three people waiting to be helped. But within 20 or so minutes, my name was called and I marched forth – documents in hand – to give over all the necessary stuff.

Things started off pretty well, with the consultant even cracking a joke, but then she started to ask me for things which – according to the official list of documents required, and some confirmatory emails from another consultant – I didn’t actually need to provide. I just remained calm, prayed, and mentioned that I’d provided what I’d been told to provide. (I wasn’t cheeky at all – and kept the smile on my face – even though, inside, I was starting to feel a little disheartened). But we managed to get over the first speedbump and I gave a sigh of relief. The consultant wanted something extra from me, which I didn’t have. I explained to her that I’d followed their guidelines to the tee – I’d provided every single document they needed, and if I’d known I had to provide the document she was requesting now – in the form she wanted it to be – I’d have brought that along too. She seemed to understand and said I could fax it through to her during the course of the day – which I’ve now done. But now I play the waiting game – there was no definite indication that I’ll get the Visa – though in my heart I believe I’ve got it. 😦 🙂

All this to-ing and fro-ing over the last while, and now the slight disappointment during my consultation this morning, has wreaked emotional havoc with me. I’m so much stronger spiritually and emotionally than I’ve ever been before – but I do still have those days where I just want to crawl under the covers, close the curtains, and cry. And in the midst of all of this I just realise how much I miss GH and it annoys me that worldly bureaucracy keeps us apart. *sigh*



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