Lumpy milk


I can’t remember when last I slept in on a Saturday morning – it feels like forever – but I managed to do it today. For some reason I woke up dazed and confused at 6.50am and realised it’s Saturday, so proceeded to turn around and go back to sleep. 3 hours later I surfaced again and just lay in bed contemplating whether or not I had the desire to remove the comfy duvet and head downstairs to make some breakfast. I was about to tell myself it wasn’t worth it until the thought of a nice cup of coffee came to mind – I was up and out of bed within 10 seconds.

I switched the tv on as I walked past it – eyes half closed (or is that half open?) – and switched on the kettle – it was all one smooth motion actually. I reached for my favourite mug, got the milk out of the fridge and at this point my mood was lifting – just the thought of my first cup of coffee was exciting me. What happened next was so disappointing 😦 The milk I poured into the mug wasn’t nice, white, creamy milk – no – it was disgusting, white, lumpy milk 😦 Sorry, do I hear you say “eeeeuuuuuw” – yes, I do, because it is eeeeuuuuuw…and disappointing. It’s like baking a cake, salivating for an entire hour while you wait for it to reach perfection in the oven, and having it flop right in front of you when you take it out. Blegh!

I contemplated heading back upstairs and seeking the solace of my bed – but then I reckoned, “I’m up anyway…” so decided instead to go to the shop around the corner to get some *fresh* milk. So I had my morning cuppa, and it was good – and I’ve just finished off my second one.

I spoke to GH earlier and he seems to think there’s no problem with lumpy milk *yuck*! Yeah it’s true – as much as what we’re perfect for one another, we definitely have our differences! 🙂


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