Meeting family


So yesterday I met one of GH’s sisters, who’s in Cape Town on business. I wasn’t too phased or nervous about the meeting, but as the time drew nearer to meeting her, I realised that she’s the first member of his family that I’ll be meeting in person. And then I started thinking, “Ok, so you need to make a good impression. No corny jokes or completely idiotic actions – such as tripping on something as small as a piece of paper and landing with your face in a potplant. No…you have to be normal, you have to control yourself…because this is the man you love and want to spend foreverererer with – so you need his family to like you, ok!”

Well, I’m happy to report that I didn’t tell any corny jokes and I didn’t trip over anything – so my face remained potplant free! It was lovely meeting his sister and it really seemed very natural – we slipped naturally into conversation and nothing was forced. I honestly felt as if I’d met her before and this was just us catching up again. Once more, this is a blessing, because I know how difficult it can be when you don’t get along with your boyfriend’s fan-damily.

And it was rather interesting – I mentioned to GH that he and his sister have the same mannerisms. He sounded a little surprised when I told him this, but it seems normal to me – siblings generally share some of the same traits. In fact, at times some of her mannerisms reminded me so much of GH that I had to wipe my eyes and make sure that it wasn’t actually him who was sitting opposite me. (How awesome would that have been!? 🙂 :()

Right, so that’s one member of the family…only 130 more to go! 😀


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  1. Meeting the family is always a happy and nervous thing!! I met one of my husband’s brothers (and his wife) quite easily for coffee when they came through to visit us in Scotland and it was great. I then met ALL of the rest of the family about 4 months later at a family reunion in England. I was so nervous that they’d hate the ‘obnoxious American’ but it went well and I loved them to bits! (I think they loved me.)

    One thing my husband said to me was that, no matter what, they would love me because I made him happy. And, really, how can you not love the person who makes your brother/cousin/son happy?

    Enjoy meeting the rest of the clan when the time comes!!


  2. Dear Carmen,
    Why are you so sweet?
    Why does kindness in your eyes break through?
    Love sings its chorus on your heartbeat
    Your love draws my soul to you

    Your love is stronger than all distractions
    Your love greater than all my pain
    Your love invokes me unto sensual actions
    Your love changes me over and over again

    Dear Carmen,
    Why are you so precious inside?
    Why does your love sing its tune?
    Your fairness radiates far and wide
    What A beautiful duet when we kiss under the moon

    I love you to the point of heartache
    Your value is far beyond measure
    What a beautiful song we together make
    I am thankful for you my treasure…

    Yours sincerely

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