How not to be disappointed


I have come to the conclusion that there are two parts of the day that I really don’t like.

(1) The first part of the day that I don’t like is that precise moment when I hear my alarm clock go off. It starts off all “gently-like” and then gets louder – and it’s that initial, “gentle” sound that makes me want to kick and scream in my bed as if I’m having a spasm.

(2) The second part of the day that I don’t like is that point at which you realise that you’re about to take the last bite of something you’re really enjoying eating – whether it be breakfast, lunch, supper or a snack.

Why, oh why, do these two things have to happen to me every day? 😦 I reckon there are two solutions:

(1) Just don’t wake up. If you’re late for work, just explain the situation to your boss – he/she will simply just have to understand. There is more to life than waking up in time for work, ok! (Right…?)

(2) Only eat food you don’t like, or food that tastes really yucky. Yes, it’s that simple. That way, you won’t have to endure taking the last bite and staring at your empty plate thinking, “Awww, that was quick. I want more.” 😦


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  1. I have the exact same issues! There’s nothing worse than that last bite. But, when i’m dieting, i cannot wait to take the last bite, since the food stays the same and get pretty boring after a week! Seriously – i’m OVER yogurt!

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