Yesterday I was kaput!

*Kaput – Out of order; not working; broken – Definition according to Wiktionary*

As has become the custom over the past two weeks, I worked late yesterday and then joined the mass of commuters leaving the centre of town to head home. But the combination of leaving work late and joining the throng of travellers meant I was late for German class. And it was hot – 37 degrees – so by the time I fought my way through traffic, stopped at a friend’s to pick something up, and arrived at German class, I was….kaput! Luckily my German lesson provided much needed relief and relaxation (and air conditioning!), which gave me enough energy to then drive through to my folks’ place afterwards to pick my car up that’s been in for a service. At my folks’ place I could refuel further (home cooked meals are always so welcome!) – but by 9pm I was beat – so I headed home.

I got straight into bed – ready to enter Dreamland…a little later GH called and we chatted for a while and then it was back to Dreamland. But it didn’t work out so well – just as I hit that point we’re you’re almost ready to fall into a deep sleep, I heard the sound. What sound? The cricket sound.

Why is it that when you need sleep the most…when you’re so ready to enjoy some shut eye…that is the precise moment that a little insect that’s the size of your big toe, decides it’s well within his rights to make some noise? After lying in bed for close to an hour or so – conjuring up ways to kill the cricket – the darn thing eventually decided to call it a night.

Ah, nice!

But then…the other sound. A mosquito. Yes – now, something even smaller than the cricket was wreaking havoc with my sleep. And you know what it’s like – you spend hours switching the light on, staring around the room trying desperately to find the little bugger…and you just can’t! Then you switch the light off. Then you hear it again. So you switch the light on, look for it, don’t find it, switch the light off….and so on.

So – needless to say – this morning I’m running on caffeine and…no, that’s it, just caffeine…and I officially hate insects. All of them. No matter how pretty. Except perhaps for Ladybugs – they’re still ok.


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