Frowning, Stomping, Shouting


There’s one thing that really grates my carrot – losing when I play online games with GH. But on the odd occassion that it’s happened, I’ve dealt with it in a mature manner – like an adult and what-not. However, it still gnaws at my insides and makes my usually lovely face turn into something out of a horror film. It’s like I’m a kid all over again – you know when you played games with your friends and then, at the moment of realising you were on a losing streak, you stomped your foot and walk away shouting “I don’t want to play anymore!” whilst your friends looked on in astonished silence..remember? 😛

Well I have to fight the urge to turn into that kid…frowing, stomping and shouting. Instead, I use the opposite tactic – “Well done my love, you’re doing really well”, “That was an awesome shot!”…and honestly, I mean it when I say it to GH and it makes me feel better about the fact that I suck at whatever game it is I’m losing in.

Buuuuuuuuuuut – it seems I’m not the only one! Just the other night GH and I were playing online Bowling and right in the beginning it was clear he’d be the loser. His reaction?….”This gaming session has been cancelled by the other player.” Yes! It’s true, he’s like a frowning, stomping, shouting kid. 😀 It put an instant smile on my face! I let it slide though and we started a new game. The result…I won. Twice. Muahahahahahahahahaha!

Lesson: frowing, stomping and shouting never helps!


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