The Next Step


And so the next phase of my Bootytoberlin journey has begun. Wednesday was my last day as an onsite writer at my company – now I’m officially an offsite writer. The transition was a little odd. I woke up an hour later than normal yesterday and proceeded to work from my couch…but it just didn’t work…and I sold my desk over a year ago. So I ended up driving to my parents’ place to work from there, seeing as they have a proper table and chairs that I could use – it aint easy working from a couch!

And it’s been rather enjoyable – I think I actually got more work done than what I normally would. But that’s quite sad…the only reason I got more work done was because I wasn’t able to have a few chit-chats with my friends, share a cup of coffee or just talk nonsense to make the work day go by quicker.

Anyway, enough of this boring post – I just thought it necessary to provide an update. So consider yourself updated.

*Over and out*


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