A little more Compassion


One lesson I learnt a long time ago was that people will always disappoint you – so I get a little annoyed with myself when it happens, and I’m surprised because it really shouldn’t surprise me at all. But not only will people always disappoint you, it’s the ones you open your heart up to who will hurt you the most.

Again – this is something that, intellectually I know, but realistically it still comes as a shock when it happens. The world these days is so full of ‘he said, she said,’ finding someone else to blame, seeking fault with someone or something else – why – because ‘surely I cannot be the problem!?’ Most times though, a thorough soul-search will shed a lot of light and you’ll realise that perhaps there really is no-one else to blame, and although everyone has a million faults that you can find, the truth is…so do you.

So many misunderstandings abound, purely because no-one has the courage to switch the spotlight on in their own lives. I think this is something that’s happened in my life recently – though I’m not 100% sure what exactly the issue is with the person concerned, it’s pretty obvious that there’s some sort of misunderstanding which can probably be explained within 2 minutes. But I don’t think it will ever be explained and all I can do is accept things the way they are – not because I don’t care enough to sort them out – but because I’m a little hurt and I don’t have the physical or emotional energy (2 days before I leave for Berlin!) to be dragged through the mud.

How would I have preferred this whole sticky situation to be handled – hmmmm, I guess I’d have thought I’m approachable enough and that the other person’s mature enough to come to me and be open about what’s bothering them; I’d have liked to know that our friendship and love for one another overcomes any ridiculous misunderstanding; I’d have liked to know that our belief system comes into play and that we base our ‘resolution’ of the situation on that belief system.

It’s disappointing; it’s sad; it’s unnecessary; it’s hurtful. It’s really not the way things are supposed to be.


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  2. Hurt people hurt people.

    Friends are gifts from God. In the way this person, who in all shallow hypocrisy seems to share the same belief system, is pissing on your friendship, there must seriously be something very wrong in that persons life. They have missed the mark and do not value the most precious gift you can receive, the gift of a true friendship. I feel very sorry for that person.

    You are probably dealing with someone who was using you and who sees no use in your friendship now that you are leaving… self-centeredness to the extreme; or someone whose past is catching up with them or a combination of both. They are probably more hurt than what they are hurting you… In any case, sometimes you just got to let go… Your best days are still ahead, you are following your dreams. Forgive, let go, have peace 🙂

    • I agree with Sam! It’s time to move on…you are heading for the new chapter in your life and you have oooodles of real friends and loved ones backing you, praying for you and loving you! xxx

  3. Thanks Frances! 🙂 I hate situations like this with friends – especially when it’s so unnecessary 😦 And though many may disagree with me, something you really just have no choice but to close that chapter.

  4. Having recently struggled with a couple of friendships–one of which was over a big misunderstanding and lack of communication–I know how hard it can be on the heart and soul. I hope that you’re able to find some peace in your situation.

    Sending you loads of positive vibes.

    (And how exciting that Germany is so very close!!)

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