Airports create a lack of sleep!


Oh my, indeed I’ve been a very bad blogger! No actually, it’s not entirely my fault – I attempted to post something on the night before I left for Berlin, but WordPress was down so I couldn’t.

Yes, so I made it to Berlin and no, the flight didn’t go well. All in all it took 32 hours to get here – from waking up in Cape Town at 5am to putting my feet on German soil (or the airport floor) at 13.56pm. I haaaaave arrived!

The transit in Doha was the worst for me – although I had the entire row to myself during the flight to Doha, I couldn’t sleep – even though it was my intention; so when I arrived in Doha 8 hours later, I was super tired. But unfortunately, all I had to look forward to was a brightly lit airport with no comfy chairs and 9 hours of waiting. I’d intended to read a little and do some of my German language homework, but I just couldn’t. The thought of trying to make words make sense just turned my brain to jelly. So there I sat, in the middle of Doha airport, staring at the endless throngs of people who passed by; sometimes staring at the same people over and over again as they walked past more than once. I tried to position my body in so many different ways on the uncomfy chairs, so that I could at least get come shut-eye, but all that resulted in was sore muscles and bones. Eventually, after about 4 hours of sitting, I fell asleep and then 12 minutes later the airport cleaning staff decided it was time to polish the floor with a stupid, loud machine. *sigh*

I cannot tell you how happy I was when eventually it was time for me to catch the flight to Berlin. By this stage I was so tired that even blinking while standing upright wasn’t possible – every time I blinked, my eyes threatened to remain closed. You know what it’s like – when you’re so tired that if you just happen to close your eyes for 0.01 of a second longer than normal, while blinking, you may just fall asleep.

When I got onto the plane, I positioned the little pillow, put my head down to sleep and then…two moms with 4 kids between them, sat in front of me. And none of the kids were happy. So there went another opportunity to snooze 😦 Even just thinking of these flights gives me a headache, or makes the one that I have now so much worse. Blegh. Let’s leave the flight stories, shall we? 🙂

Landing in Berlin was wonderful – I waited a few minutes for GH to collect me at the airport and I just cannot describe to you what it did for my heart and my soul when I saw him 😀 How is it possible for one person to have this effect on you!? It felt so good to be able to hold his hand and joke with him and to actually be able to see his face and his eyes!

On our way to his apartment, we collected a 30kg package from the post office…a dresser that he’d bought. And we had to drag it to his place…yes, after oodles of hours of travelling and no sleep, I had to help schlep a 30kg dresser to an apartment which just seemed way too far from the post office! But we did it – and I have a feeling it could’ve been more difficult, but GH’s clever thinking came in handy – we used my suitcase, which has wheels, as a trolley. Once we got to the apartment it was a matter of having to now get the dresser up a million flights of stairs – I’m sure that at this point GH was regretting staying on the top floor of an apartment block that has no elevator…..! But we got that sucker up, somehow, don’t ask me how 😀 Everything after that is a blur – I just remember taking a nap and then waking up in the morning. I’m telling you – sleep deprivation is something akin to a debilitating skin rash!

And today….I realised that, contrary to what GH said – it’s friggin freeeeeezing here in Berlin, so GH met me at Alexanderplatz and we went jacket hunting. Eventually he had to head back to work, but I carried on the search. And I finally found something that met my approval. 🙂

And here we have the TV Tower (or, more precisely, the ‘Fernsehturm‘). I snapped this shot whilst on my way to Alexanderplatz because I know that a few of my friends would be very displeased if I didn’t post a picture in my blog post 🙂 Happy?


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  1. Dude – only ONE photo!! I expect that as soon as you’ve caught up on sleep, and had a good weekend, that we’d get to see MORE photos! you know it’s my addiction so i want some more, since i need to know each and everything that’s happening! missing you sooo much at work! thinking of you xoxo

    • I AM giving you that medal! I’m amased at the fact that, even tired as you were (are) you could still give us a peep into your flight(s) and arrival in Berlin with so much detail and humour! We also defos need a pic of the piece of clothing you bought to keep you warm. Enjoy every minute and keep updating us! xxx

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