Day 3.5


Day 3.5 – what has Berlin offered me thus far? The answer is rather simple – sore feet and a frozen nose. Ok no, that’s not all, but those are the first two things that came to mind. It has been freeeeeezing (though people here would disagree with me – they’re all ready to shed their clothes for Spring whilst I huddle in a corner with chattering teeth). And my feet being sore – that’s because I’m not used to walking everywhere – back home I hop into my car, drive to where I need to be and then….if I need to walk….it’s usually just 10 – 20 minutes. No no…here in Berlin, using Chevrolegs is the way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for the exercise I’m getting, but my poor feet are busted, completely ruined – in fact, I’m not even sure I have feet left – if I couldn’t see them, I wouldn’t know whether or not they’re there because I’ve reached that part where the pain is so excruciating that they feel painfully numb – is that an oxymoron? Yes, I think it is.

But enough of the bad stuff. The good stuff far outweighs the yucky stuff. Firstly, it’s so nice to finally be able to be in the same physical space as Mani (for those of you who are confused, I’m going to use GH’s real name now….because I can! :)) Long distance has been a challenge and finally I feel like things are one step closer to ‘normal’ for us – not quite complete, no, because I’ll be heading back to South Africa in 3 months’ time and I have no idea if I’ll be allowed back in Berlin. Our relationship won’t have the chance to be ‘complete’ until the day I can say that I’m in Berlin to stay. *sigh* And the  more time I spend here, the more I realise how I just love this place and I want to experience all of it without the nagging knowledge in the back of my mind that my stay is limited.I cannot describe what this place does for my soul – it’s the small things that just make me smile and feel content. For instance, the first time I caught the train in the U-Bahn after landing here on Thursday – I realised how much I’d missed the smell of the U-Bahn and when it hit me, I felt so comfortable, so at home. Also meeting up with friends and making new ones, seeing the different cultures around me, experiencing the language – this has all made me happy – so I think to myself: How can it be then, when these make me feel so content and happy, that God wouldn’t want this for me and that He wouldn’t make a way for me to get here, regardless of the bureaucracy and other nonsense?

Only time will tell…


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