Es ist kalt!!!


Please forgive me for being so delayed with my blog posts – I just never seem to get around to them as often as I’d like. But at least I’m doing it now 🙂

So some friends asked me to send them pictures of my ‘home office’ and some of my surroundings here in Berlin – and I thought I’d share them with my readers, just for interest’s sake.

This is my (now) neat desk. (I use the word ‘now’ because it took me about 2 hours to tidy it up…Mani isn’t really the world’s most organized person – and I’m on the complete opposite of that spectrum.)

And this here is the view outside my window – not much really, just a bunch of apartments – that’s pretty much what Berlin is all about – apartments, apartments, and more apartments. And some apartments.

And here’s pretty much more of the same….apartments. You can’t see it here, but in the middle of the pic there’s a kids’ play park – so thank goodness for windows that are relatively sound proof! 😀

This is the lounge – please note the washing on the balcony…yes…I did washing (and it wasn’t all mine…)

And here’s my very sad-looking Parsley plant *sigh* I honestly don’t know how to make it feel better. It’s given up all will to live. 😦

Ok and here’s a special pic that I took for my friend Lauren who thought it was funny that I was sitting at my desk wrapped in a blanket, with a Russian fur hat on my head. What can I say – I was born in Africa, where the sun bakes the earth…and now I’m in a country where the temperature is -5…I mean -5 – have you ever?!

So I’ve been pretty much work my arse off because I don’t have the regular monthly income that I’m used to, so any money that comes in is derived purely from how hard I’m working. But I decided, nonetheless, that I’d meet Mani for lunch, and we went to a lovely Asian restaurant called Lemon Grass Scent.

Lemon Grass Scent: Schwedter Str 12


I had theeeeeee most divine coconut milk soup with chicken, coriander and lemon grass. (Just thinking about it makes my tummy rumble). And Mani had some sort of stirfry-whatever kind of dish.

Coconut milk soup

Stirfry-whatever dish

I cannot describe to you how good it feels to actually be able to meet Mani and do something as simple as share lunch together – it makes me realise just how yucky long distance really was – and I’m so glad we’ve made it through that. Though..who knows what the future holds, the Long Distance Days may not be over yet 😦

Other than that, I’ve been making small personal victories that I’m very proud of. Something as simple as using the train system was a real problem for me – where I come from, our train system isn’t even half as intricate as the one here, so it’s taken a lot of getting used to and it’s veeeeeeery confusing. But Mani’s helped as much as he can and I’ve just forced myself to do it – taking the bull by the horns and what-not.

And yesterday I met up with a lady who could possibly offer me a job as an English teacher. The interview went pretty well and was quite positive, but the only setback is the Visa process and my prayer is simple – that I would find a company that’s willing to walk the Visa road with me – because it’s a rather windy, long road that requires patience and understanding.

Then it was off to Connect Group last night (Biblestudy) – and guess what…it was all in German!! Hahahahaha! Ok, ok…I was given the option to have things translated and some of it was, but I chose for it not to be because I really just have to immerse myself in the language – kind of like jumping into a swimming pool even though you know the water will be cold initially. So there I sat, listening to a talk about Redemption…in German…and I understood some of it 🙂 Yay for me!

But now it’s time for me to make supper – I’m exhausted – emotionally, mentally, physically – and any other sort of “ally” you can think of! All this change, even though it’s very exciting, takes a lot out of a person. Even just trying to talk to Mani’s flatmate isn’t easy – he’s Japanese and doesn’t understand a word of English. He left the apartment a few minutes ago but then returned and rang the doorbell…after opening up for him and us gesturing with our hands and faces, I understood that he’d put the wrong shoes on and had to change them. I just laughed, said “Aaaaah Schuhe!!” and proceeded to pretend I was busy with something in the lounge. 😀


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  1. hahahah! Once again verified, the Russian fur hat equals the safety pin dress! 🙂 Your soup makes my mouth water!! Happy that you’re enjoying it, never forget to enjoy it 🙂 xxx

  2. Finally I could access bootytoberlin after a day out of hell with my Internet not responding! It is so nice to see pics of the flat, your workstation, the washing (lol),you all bundled up against the cold and what you and Mani are up to. Good luck with the job hunting and Yuki (lol!). Love you and am proud of you! xxx

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