Day 12 and counting…


What to tell what to tell…where did I leave off last?

Well I guess not much has happened anyway, so I can start my post at any random point 🙂 Like starting by telling you that yesterday Mani and I baked beer bread and it’s delicious and I may just have to go back on my decision not to be a consumer of too much bread!

Home-made Beer Bread

At least this bread is healthy – we used Bio flour (‘Bio’ being a healthy brand of products in Germany) and we added lots of nuts and seeds 😀 Bio flour + (beer) + nuts + seeds = healthy bread = I can eat lots of it.

I’ve been struggling a little with not having work at the moment. Now that I’m an offsite writer, I only get work when there’s enough left after it’s been assigned to onsite writers. Anyone who knows me, knows that I thrive on being busy all the friggin time – even when I’m on holiday, ‘relaxing’ means doing stuff constantly. Honestly, this is a mindset that has to change and I need to learn to just appreciate doing ‘nothing’ and enjoying it. So, currently, in my ‘downtime’ I’m learning German (or at least…trying to learn German), and cleaning Mani’s apartment. I do the latter not because I have to, but because I want to – yes, that’s something else that’s weird about me – I love cleaning. In fact, just the other day I thought about how marvellous it’d be to open a business in which my sole purpose was to organise and clean the lives of those who are unorganized and messy. Now that’s something I’d be darn good at!

Having downtime not only means I can [attempt to] learn some German, but it also means I get to meet up with Mani for lunch and enjoy the simple sights in Berlin – by simple I mean…I’m seeing Berlin through the eyes of a tourist – looking at something as normal as a building can be exciting for me and I often get annoyed that I don’t take a camera with me more often, because there’s so much I want to snap up!

So yesterday we went to a lovely little Vietnamese restaurant for lunch.

The setting was beautiful and the food was even better 😉 Mani was tasked with ordering something for me – a surprise…and this is what I got:

Duck in Mango Sauce

Yip, Duck in Mango sauce. And there’s no other word to describe this dish as simple DELICIOUS! Mani also had duck, but it was prepared in some other way – a healthier way I reckon…since mine was fried and his wasn’t 🙂

After we’d gobbled our food up, we decided to get some reaaaalllly yummy coffee – what’s better than rewarding yourself (urm, for good behaviour?) with a good cup of coffee that someone else has made?! So Mani took me to a place just around the corner from where he works and I was struck by the name of the coffee shop:

"Let us stay Friends"

I’m sure the name of the coffee shop made me enjoy the coffee even more 😉

In the evening we were invited to Mani’s friend’s house for Goulash. It was an interesting experience because no-one spoke English. So I sat there eating my Goulash in silence, listening to random chit-chat about…stuff. Here and there I  picked up a word or two and would then say, “Ja” – indicating that I knew what was going on. It’s weird though – for once in my life, being in a situation, constantly, where I don’t always have a clue what’s going on around me and even when I want to give my 2 cents worth, I cant’! (Which is particularly difficult for someone who likes to share her opinion and chat…!)

But one day…one day I will astound everyone when, all of a sudden, in the middle of their conversation, I’ll barge in and give my opinion on matters in GERMAN! Yes, one day! 😀


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