Ja ja!


I keep forgetting that I’ve taken photos to put up on my blog – and by the time I remember, it’s a few days past the event that the photos are supposed to capture. For instance, it was Mani’s birthday on the 2nd of April and I took a photo of the cake I make for him…but I’ve not yet posted anything about it – whooooooops – my bad!

I can’t remember where Mani and I were walking to, but I just had to take this shot:

Yeah I don’t know – call me romantic or whatever – but there’s just something special about finding little things like this heart where you wouldn’t expect it 🙂 Makes you all mushy inside. Or at least, that’s the effect it has on me 😉

But there’s another pic that may get your attention – not because it’s a good photo – oh no…but rather…it’s a photo of something that’s not an ‘every day’ kind of thing. Well, it isn’t for a girl from South Africa, so forgive me! The drummer in Mani’s band celebrated his birthday on Saturday, so we all went out to a lovely Italian restaurant – everything from the decor to the cutlery and crockery was just awesome 🙂 And here’s the best part (though I really run the risk of losing a few readers at this point…or even losing a few friends…so guys, I’m sorry) – I had a pizza with horse meat. Yeah, I said it, ok…that’s what I had – a pizza with horse meat. But before you go throwing your arms up in the air in absolute disgust, just calm down, be reasonable and remember that the horses in question are bread for this reason – like the cow you ate last night. It’s exactly the same.

Mani and I did a half/half deal and to be honest, I much preferred his – his is on the left, mine’s on the right. But the horse meat wasn’t so bad – tasted just like smoked beef. Oh dear, I really think a few people are cringing at this point – only because they’re picturing a pony frolicking in the daisies. Hmm and come to think of it, that’s not the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten. I think the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten was crocodile – and that was yummy!

Ok, now that you’re adequately grossed out, I’ll end this post and hopefully chat about something ‘better’ later 😉

“Tschüss” 🙂


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