Quick Update


Ok so this is just a quick update to let all my readers know that today I’m going to be sending my application forms (for working in Deutschland) to the relevant Government Department – they’re called the Auslaenderbehoerde – yeah, I know….even the name is scary – just looking at it makes my skin crawl. In fact, whenever I tell people over here that I need to send stuff to them, as soon as I mention the word “Auslaenderbehoerde,” they gasp – and this is normally followed by a groan or a “eeeuuuuwwwww”…or “aaaaarrrrrggghhhhhaaaahhhgggaaaghhha” – or some other sort of guttural expression. Yeah – so I’m guessing these people are pretty scary, hence why I now need all the prayer I can get – all of it!!! 🙂


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