Fun in the sun


A few days ago I wrote about Mani’s birthday and posted some pictures of the birthday cake that I made for him. Ok, that’s not entirely true – I didn’t actually bake the cake myself, so I should say, the birthday cake I put together for him. Well, I realised I didn’t tell you what I got him for his birthday 🙂

There were various gifts – one of which is still on its way to Germany from South Africa…it should be somewhere over the Atlantic at the moment I think. Another was a pot of olives – you may be thinking, “a pot of olives?!”, but that was a spur of the moment gift idea. In fact, I saw the olives in the store when I was buying all the things I needed to construct the birthday cake and thought, “Ah! He’d LOVE some of those!”…and he did love them 😀

But the main present was something I’d had made in South Africa about a week before I left for Germany. Mani was always talking about sending me on a photo shoot and how he’d love photos of me…so my friend Dee, who’s aspiring to be a photographer – and who’s darn good at it!!!! – suggested that I go on a photo shoot with her and we get some pics for Mani. It was a lovely idea and it really was something personal that I could give to him for his birthday – not something that’s store-bought or a product that has a million replications – this was something unique that I could give to him.

So off Dee and I went on a sunny Saturday afternoon to two local parks to take some photos. I even had my hair straightened for the photos (which, for anyone who knows me and the amount of hair on my head, is a mission in itself!), and put on more make-up than I usually wear; I donned my black Levis stilettos and then changed into my leopard-print stilettos – there were plenty of giggles and laughs as I used a swing as a prop and tried to come across as nonchalant as possible whilst people in the park watched. It was a great experience, and the pics came out beautifully!

The process for me turned out to be a life lesson – a gentle reminder to have fun, let go and love yourself!

Click on either one of the links and enjoy the pics!!/UnspokenPhotography


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