A post full of nothing and everything!


I have to admit that the transition between Winter and Spring in Berlin is beautiful. I’ve not been here mid-Winter, so I’ve not experienced it to its full snowy glory, but I have been a witness to the transition between the two, very different, seasons. I’ve also been lucky enough to see one of my favourite plants in full bloom – the Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree. I’ve always loved these trees, and now they’re all over! It may sound silly to some people, but just the sight of one of these trees – or being able to touch the soft blossoms – makes me smile, inside and out!

Japanese Cherry Blossom

This past weekend was rather jam-packed, which I’m grateful for. My life has been nothing short of lethargic for far too long and now it’s kickstarting into what I want it to be. Yeah, I know – I could have kickstarted it a while ago, but it’s easier said than done, and circumstances didn’t always make that possible. But I’m not going to bore you with that now.

On Friday my church organised to help out at a community centre called Kreativhaus – here in Berlin, not to far from where I’m staying at the moment. The centre was in desperate need of assistance with normal tasks such as gardening and cleaning windows and 58 people from church pitched up to help. The co-ordinator at the centre was so grateful afterwards that she started to cry as she said thank you – and it felt good to be able to help out and do something that (even though it’s so easy) means so much to someone and makes a difference in their world.

Then Saturday rolled on and for some reason I found myself in a (huge) building materials store, helping Mani look for a fish tank. Yes – he’d decided the night before that it was time to upgrade his fish tank – so we did. And I completely supported the idea until I remembered that we don’t have a car, or even a bicycle. Yip, you know what that means – we had to carry a biiiiiig fish tank to the train station, and then home. It’s at this point that I became a little ‘anti’ the whole idea 😦 Have you ever tried carrying a BIG fish tank across a city when you’re wearing a skirt…don’t try it. 😦

Besides an awesome church service on Sunday, the rest of the day was pretty uneventful because I had to travel across Berlin to collect Manfred’s mobile phone from his rehearsal room…and the travelling takes a while, so I spent most of the day on the train and in stations. Then Monday rolled on – I’d planned to wake up at a ‘reasonable’ time (what’s a reasonable time?!) and join Mani out and about somewhere, but I woke up at 12 in the afternoon and was only ready to do some outing and abouting at around 3, which just puts a bummer on the day. Nonetheless, we found some coffee shop next to a lake and had a cup of coffee and some laughs.

This is me looking a little…I’m not sure…Carmen-ish? You have to understand that it’s about 3.30pm at this point and I’ve not eaten the entire day….

And here’s Mani looking oh-so-Mani-ish 😀

And just another pic of me for luck! 😉

On the way home, I wanted to take a photo of a red tulip that’d sprung up amongst a whole lot of pink cherry blossom leaves that had fallen to the ground. It was at this point that Mani decided he wanted to be the ever-professional photographer and started snapping away at almost all the flowers surrounding us (even a few weeds…). The result of his happy snapping follows – and is a rather lovely indication of just how beautiful Spring time is here in Berlin 🙂

Ok, enough of the plants! I also took some completely random shots of things on Monday that caught my attention for whatever reason:

The balcony's piqued my interest

Still chained up, with nowhere to go

Ok well that’s it – that’s enough. It’s time for this post to end. Ciao for now! 🙂


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  1. i’m loving the photos!!
    The flowers are amazing!!
    Berlin seems like a photographers dream when seasons change huh~?

    So like, when you’ve settled into your flat in a few months, and i’ve saved some Moola, i think i should take a trip to Berlin! I mean id have two tour guides, and a beautiful city i’ve never ever been to! *dreams forth*
    PS sorry me been quiet, me taken some leave before me keeeeeeel people 😉

    • Dolla! This place is stunning when the seasons change – in fact, it’s always stunning – you’d LOVE it and I just know you’d be totally camera happy here! For sure, when I’m in my little flatjie, then you are SO going to visit – sorted!!!! Glad you took some leave – seems like the entire office did?! xxx

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