Lines in the Sky


Allright, so I made a complete fool of myself today – or at least, I think I did. But either way, it’s ok because it only happened in front of Mani.

You see, the thing is, since I arrived in Berlin, I’ve noticed that every single day there are areoplanes in the sky that have loooong trails of smoke behind them. Now forgive me for being stupid, but back home when we see that, it means that some or other company is using an aeroplane to do advertising through skywriting. What I noticed here in Berlin though is that none of the smoke trails actually say anything. They’re just solid lines. And I thought, “Honestly, that’s rather silly?!”

So I’ve been here for just over a month, and I’ve seen these lines in the sky on a daily basis, but today I just couldn’t keep it in anymore – I had to know why the Germans feel it’s necessary to send planes into the sky to make arbitrary lines, when the lines just serve no purpose!!! I was walking with Mani when this urgency to know hit me, and I just blurted out, “Ah man! Can you do me a favour? Pleeeeeeease can you just find out why on earth there’s always planes int he sky making stupid lines. I mean, helloo?! What’s the point, they’re not advertising anything??!!”

This was his reply:

“They’re areoplanes. When aeroplanes fly, they give off smoke and stuff. That’s the stuff that makes the lines – they’re not supposed to be advertising anything. There are some major airports in this city, so obviously there will be planes going up every day, which means there will be lots of lines in the sky.”

*Sigh* Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been that stupid in my life before! Thank goodness Mani was a little distracted by something else, because if he’d realised just how silly my statement/question was, he’d have died from laughing so much. Whoooooops! 😀

Ps. These ‘lines in the sky’ are in fact called condensation trails, or contrails….yip…..


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