Happy Birthday Mom!


The 12th of May is indeed a very special day because it’s my mom’s birthday! 23 years ago, my mother was born…ok, that would make her 4 years younger than me 😉 So it was a little more than 23 years ago…by she’s not old, but no means at all – and even if she seems to be getting older physically each year, her spirit just keeps getting younger! 🙂

The 12th May should be celebrated as one of the best days in the world, because it’s on this day that one of the best people in the world was born! I’m so very appreciative of my mom – who’s not just been a mom to be, but she’s been a sister and a best friend. I don’t think she’ll ever quite understand how much I love and appreciate her 🙂

Happy Birthday Ma!


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  1. Yay! Happy birthday to your mom!!

    Your post really made me smile because today is my baby sister’s birthday any MY blog post jokes a bit about ages, too! Great minds think alike and all that!

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