Girlfriend extraordinaire


I reckon I’m a good girlfriend – in fact, if I were a guy, I’d want to date me 🙂 Yeah sure, I’ve got my issues – nobody is perfect, but I think I’d get a good rating on the “Are you a good girlfriend” scale. Mani had to go to the dentist this morning to have a filling done and he was a little nervous – and being the ever-dutiful girlfriend, I was sensitive to his needs and decided to go with him – even though it meant I had to wake up about 3 hours earlier than I normally do.

But it was worth it – not because I got to scare Mani just before he went in, saying, “I lied…it’s going to hurt!”, but because this is what I enjoyed this morning:

My Morning Cuppa!

Yeah ok…it’s the small things that make me happy 🙂


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