A glass of water please


It’s been quite interesting immersing myself into everything that is “Europe,” but at times I’m reminded of my roots – of where I really come from.

A few weeks ago I got wind of the Berliner Wasserbetriebe Team Staffel in the Tiergarten – which, basically, is Germany’s largest relay race. Now I unfortunately won’t be here to take part in the race, but members of my church will and they’re doing it to raise money for Charity: Water – which is a non-profit organization that wants to make clean, safe drinking water available to people who don’t have access to it.

And this got me thinking – the idea of unclean (and unsafe) water is not foreign to me because I come from a country where many communities don’t have access to water that’s clean. This makes me relate to the problem on a more personal level, only because I’ve been a witness to it.

So my church is making the run a fun run because things like this should be done with fun in mind – they shouldn’t be done begrudgingly or unwillingly.

And just to prove it’s going to be fun, check out this video (Ps. Mani’s the hippie with the blonde hair and waaaaay too laid-back attitude).

We’re trying to raise €5,000 for this cause. This amount of money will make it possible to build one water well that will provide clean, safe drinking water to an entire community! If you have no idea what water crisis faces people these days – in a day and age where we can invent the most awesome technological gadgets to do….urm…stuff, but we don’t ensure something simple like providing clean water to people – then have a look at the video here.

So if you feel you want to help out by donating some money, sponsoring someone from my church, or coming to Berlin to take part in our fun run yourself (!), then I’d strongly urge you to follow that feeling 😉


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