Back on African soil


I can hear the pitter-patter of the rain’s feet outside my window. My surroundings seem so familiar to me, but at the same time, so unfamiliar. I’m back in South Africa and I’ve just slipped into the welcoming arms of my warm bed – the last time I slept was on Tuesday night, but I’m on a high at the moment – so much so, I’ve even tackled some work for tomorrow.

My emotions got the better of me at the airport when I caught a glimpse of my parents waiting for me. I was prepared though and had a tissue at hand. As I lugged my heavy suitcase through the security checkpoints, I eventually made it out to the arrivals waiting area and could do nothing but bow my head and let the tears stream down as I walked towards my parents.

It was a mixture of so many emotions that all came tumbling out of me – it was like a domino effect – one emotion knocking the next, which knocked the next – and soon they all just poured forth. But isn’t that the lovely thing about parents – how you can just lay yourself completely bare, without any inhibitions? What I received as I reached them was two warm, loving embraces. My parents know me so well – so they know about the personal journey I’ve been on for the last couple of years – and the stage I’m at now is sort of like the peak of it all. And they’ve been amazing – so encouraging.

And so I meet up with an old friend of mine – Mr Long Distance Relationship. Him and I have come to know each other well over the last 10 months. We’re not so fond of one another – in fact, he’s probably more tolerating of me than I am of him – but we get along for now – only because we’re forced to. I don’t plan to stay friends with him for too long though and I’m doing all I possibly can to get rid of him.

So back to emails and late night chats with Mani; waiting for my phone to ring, signalling that he’s online; sitting on the other side of the world wondering what he’s up to; what he’s wearing; what he had for breakfast and how messed up his hair looks…

It’s just a season…


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