It’s never easy to make decisions – but when it comes to relationships, decision-making is even harder. In particular, Mani and I struggle to decide on what movie to watch when we head down to the local video* store to pick up a DVD. He has this insatiable urge to always choose alien movies – if it’s got an alien, 5 people who all die, and lots of laser guns shooting blue rays everywhere, then Mani’s bound to absolutely love it. Me on the other hand…I prefer thrillers – movies that play psychological games with you – or movies that scare you to the point of having to revert back to your tendency as a 2 year old to want to sleep with the light on, snuggled in the arms of your favourite teddy bear.

At first – in the early days of our relationship – there’d be a tug-of-war involving frustrated exclamations such as, “But yoooou got to choose the last one!”, or “Why do I never get to choose a movie! I don’t want to watch one anymore!” Ah – but our relationship has evolved (thank heavens!) and we’ve found a way to settle almost any argument, and it can be summed up in three simple, but very profound, words: Rock. Paper. Scissors.

Yip indeed, we use Rock-Paper-Scissors to settle our disputes. In fact, when Mani bought a new cellphone while I was in Berlin, I loved it so much that I begged him to hand it over to me. (I foolishly thought that his love for me was so great that he’d look into my eyes and say, “Yes of course. Take it. And here, have this piece of cake I bought for myself too…and this really awesome coffee machine…it’s all yours!) But he never handed it over and eventually we settled on a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who would walk off with the phone. Sooooo yeah…Mani has the phone, but I really don’t care, because its proven to be rather crappy :P. Ok granted, when we first played the game, I sucked – I never won, so I had to endure countless alien movies – but I’ve caught on to the logic behind the game, and I’ve won a few rounds, much to the dismay of Mani. Muahahahahaha! 😀

So let it be known – decision-making isn’t easy and there are courses you can take on “How to make decisions,” but honestly, if you want to follow my advice, use some Rock-Paper-Scissors magic because it does wonders – especially for relationships. And just another pointer, rather than attending a course on how to make decisions, try to find one that teaches you how to win Rock-Paper-Scissors – it’s far better and much more enjoyable 😉

*Isn’t it odd how video stores are still referred to as ‘video’ stores, even though videos have been taken over by DVDs?

Please note that the views expressed in this post are my own views and I cannot be held accountable if you decide to take any advice I give. Honestly now…a course on Rock-Paper-Scissors…phhht!

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