Ticks and checkboxes


As I crept into my bed tonight, all my energy seemed to be completely sapped from my body. I found myself lying face down, head stuffed in my pillow…praying. And my prayer was simple: “Lord, give me rest”.

Next week I have my Visa application appointment (on Tuesday). The amount of papers I’ve had to collate for this application is ridiculous – there’s no other word for it. I swear I’ve printed enough bits of paper to equal a small rainforest (and for someone who loves trees, this is very sad). But this paper-collecting process has been straining – there are so many things to check, double-check, triple-check – and every time I do a check, there’s something I find that needs to be fixed. That was the case the evening too. Something in the back of my mind said “check the papers”. To which I replied, “Oh shuttit – I’ve checked them to death. Anymore checking and those papers will be dead!”…but still, that little something said, “Check the papers”…to which I eventually replied, “OK!…but first I want to watch some TV, so back off.”

Thank goodness that little something stuck in the back of my mind, because in the first minute of (re)checking my application papers, I found a small detail that wasn’t right and I have to try to fix it tomorrow.

But I’m so tired now of all the details – all the checkboxes, all the ticks, all the back-and-forth, all the black and white, all the bold or italicised words, all the small print, all the little asterisks. I swear – buying a house was easier than this – one document, one signature, and presto!


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