Tail chasing


I’ve often felt like a dog that’s spinning around in a furious circle, chasing its own tail – over and over and over again. Yeah sure, now and then he grasps the tail, bites it and feels satisfied, but inevitably, he lets go at some point and then starts the entire process off from the beginning again. This whole spectacle may be amusing to some, or they may simply watch and shake their heads, but for the dog, the frenzied mission of chasing the tail is serious business.

For the past while I’ve been chasing my tail – running around in a silly little circle, constantly trying to catch what I’m chasing – but once I’ve got it, I let go again. And then…start the process off from the beginning. Now again, whilst this may seem ridiculous to some, the fact is, it forms part of my reality – no matter how silly the tail chasing may be. There are so many events, occurrences…little things that happen along my life journey, that set me off into the frenzied spin but if I look back – I’ve always managed to get out of it alive and with a sense of having overcome.

But one thing that’s made all the difference to me during my whirlwind tail chases has been the support of those closest to me. It makes me wonder what life would be like if I were alone, chasing my tail with no-one to stop me and tell me it’s unnecessary. I understand, however, that those loyal supporters also get tired, and don’t always have the strength to stop the madness. And in fact, there may be some tail chasing they’re trying to do themselves. But I cannot overstate the importance of these supporters in my life and having said that – I feel moved to encourage those of you who are supporting others  to continue – no matter how long it takes, no matter how frustrating it can be – it really can make the difference to someone’s life.

Is it easy to be a supporter? Nope. Is there a guarantee that you’ll see the fruits of your support in your lifetime, and the lifetime of the tail chaser….? Nope. Is it worth it…yes…or at least, that’s what I’d like to believe. The situations I go through may not be nearly as bad as the situations I know countless other people experience in their lives – and that just makes me more determined to pass the message of support on. Often tail chasers don’t see the calmness that exists outside their little frenzied chase – their perspective of things may be somewhat skewed. But it really could be that their breakthrough is a word, a day, or a week away, and you really could be the difference.

So to my supports – you know who you are – thank you. I’m sure there will be a day when I can give back to you as much as you’ve given to me.


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  1. I’ve been wondering how you’re doing and was so pleased to see you’ve posted. I hope that you catch your tail soon and that your supporters continue to cheer you. And remember–your biggest supporters WANT to support you so let them! x

    • Heya Frances! 🙂 Yeah, I’ve been a little scarce 🙂 Ah that’s a good point – I think we generally get into the habit of thinking we’re a burden to people…but it really isn’t like that. Hope you’re well! xxx

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