A God sms


There have been many times in the past few months that I’ve literally fallen face first on the ground and prayed my heart out – begged and pleaded, cried and moaned – and then picked myself up, wiped the snot tears from my face and carried on. (Probably just carried on doing the same thing I did before, which got me with my face on the ground in the first place!!!). But lately, I’ve just so wished that I could send God an sms.

Yip, you read correctly. On more than one occasion I’ve thought, if only I can pick up my phone, search for Him in my contacts list (or would He be on speed dial?!), and send Him a message. That way, I could (a) get a delivery report, knowing He’s received the message, and (b) I could look forward to a reply.

But that’s not how things work, and God doesn’t need me to spend my airtime on an sms just to get His attention. It’s still difficult though, isn’t it? Prayer requires faith I guess – faith in knowing that He’s listening, even though you can’t see Him. Faith in knowing that He will eventually reply, even if it seems like He’s taking ages to do so. Faith in knowing that even though you may feel completely alone or frustrated, the answer you’re looking for could just be around the next corner…


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