But it’s all about me…right?


There’s something innately selfish about human beings. It’s a trait I’ve recently come to realize exists automatically and it’s something I don’t like very much – even though I fall victim to it quite often.

If this one factor were to be removed from our words, our actions, our decisions…I’m sure we’d find things to be so much easier – not that its removal is the solution to all our problems…no, not at all, but it sure would go a long way to making our stay on earth a little nicer! Selfishness seems to be the root of so many bad things – envy, jealousy, anger, annoyance, harsh words, harsh actions…to list just a few. I guess it’s ‘comfortable’ for us to function from a place of selfishness, where it’s all about ‘me and my situation…what I want’ – but it’s not really ideal I don’t think.

My challenge for myself this week (as if I really need another one?!), is to attempt to function outside of my selfishness – to pack it in a sealed box and place it on the shelf. (Will I succeed with my challenge…urm, I don’t know! We’ll see what the results are at the end of the week!)


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  1. You’re right – I guess it’s all about balance and deciding what parts of ourselves to focus on 🙂 Let’s hope those ‘results’ are forthcoming earlier, rather than later! 🙂

  2. I guess it depends what you mean by selfishness. I do think it is important to care for and pay attention to ourselves, but having the attitude of “everything revolves around me” certainly does no one any good, least of all ourselves……..I look forward to reading about your “results!”

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