Superpower that’s not so super


Right so, I may get overly anxious and freak out about things that should not be freaked out about (is that even grammatically correct?!), but I have to accept myself for who I am, and try to work with myself and not against myself. And what I am, at the moment, is Anxiety Girl, yeah!!!! I have the superpower to freak out! Hahahahahaha! Ok, I’ll explain by letting you see the picture my awesome friend Lauren sent to me…

Yip – Anxiety Girl! Hey, it’s good to find the humour in things and when I saw the picture I couldn’t help but laugh. And this morning I was reminded about why this is, in fact, me…I’d received some work a few weeks back and the type of work it was, was something I hadn’t done in aaaaaaages. So what did I do? I put my Anxiety Girl cape on and freaked out about it. “I can’t do this…I haven’t written something like this in ages…this is going to be difficult…I just want to give up…why me….why me…” I’d wake up every morning, not wanting to face the work; I’d sit at my desk wondering how on earth I’d “get through this” – but I did. Before commencing the work, I prayed and asked God just to direct me and calm me. He directed me, but I ‘un-calmed’ myself…

However – I completed the work in record time and it seemed to be ok. When I handed it in, I had the “Ok, well…whatever…I did what I could” attitude. But because I still had my Anxiety Girl cape on, I was already expecting to receive comments from my editors on my work, saying “This is AWFUL…please just rewrite this, and this time, do a good job”. But I was proven wrong twice! Firstly, the editor thought the work was so good, she didn’t have to ask me to implement edits.  I was overjoyed – but then my negativity interjected my positivity and said, “Yeah ok sure…but wait until it gets edited further, but other people…they’ll find fault with it and you’ll have to redo everything, HA!”. But then…I received the work back from the other editors, and got a positive response – so much so I was told that I’d “done a good job” – and in my field of work, that happens very rarely.

So, the lesson I have to learn, I think, is to start packing away that Anxiety Girl cape. I have to resist the urge to jump to the most negative, ridiculous conclusions, and rather, let things just unfold as they’re meant to…

Anxiety Girl, over and out!


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  1. Your post reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “My life is filled with terrible things, most of which never happened.” Living in the present is definitely the way to go, though I know that is easier said than done.

    Also, I LOVE the cartoon!

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