What’s next?!


My posts have been somewhat dark lately, I know, but I’m not going to apologise for it. If you’re one of those people who’s always in a good mood – then good for you. But I’m certainly not, and my blog really is a reflection of things I’m experiencing and feelings I’m feeling. However, I do know that my previous posts were far more upbeat, and since I’m feeling better lately, I’m better able to bring in the ‘lighter side’ of life again.

So with that, comes a ‘lighter’ post – about automatic flushing toilets. Yes.

Look – technology is great. Just the other day I was thinking back to when CDs were first the ‘in thing’ – I was so excited about it that I rushed out (like 90% of the world’s population) and purchased one of these ‘CD thingies’. (I don’t think 90% of the population chose the CD I did though….Los del Rio’s ‘Macarena’…I’m ashamed to admit it…and I’m even more ashamed to admit that to this day, I still know how to do the Macarena dance…). Then after CDs, it was DVDs, and then Facebook happened somewhere in between, and mobile phones got smaller, and then bigger again, and touch screens became the in-thing…and it’s all just been a flurry of technological advances. But automatic flushing toilets…no, surely not.

I can understand that the idea of a toilet that flushes automatically would be good – especially for lazy people who don’t want to waste energy turning around and pulling the flush lever (because really, it uses so much energy…not) – but I have proof, in the form of first-hand experience, that this novel idea isn’t so novel after all. Let me explain…I happened to be in a shopping mall this past weekend, and after spending 7 hours in a hairdresser’s chair, trying to sort my disastrous hair out (and after 5 cups of coffee), I needed a loo break. And it was whilst I was perched on the bathroom throne, enjoying the solace that only a bathroom can provide, that I realized the loo was flushing automatically. At first, I thought it impossible – that I was somehow imagining things. But then it happened a second time. And it left me speechless, feeling robbed of my right to flush a loo when I feel I’m ready to! And as I sat there in the cubicle, with my mouth hanging open – feeling completely stupefied, I just thought – what has the world come to? Now we have to fear toilets that tell US when THEY think we’re done? No, surely not?!

As I left the bathroom (after washing my hands using an automatic soap dispenser!), I heard two ladies laughing…in a shocked sort of way…and talking about the fact that they’d gotten the fright of their lives when their toilets flushed automatically…twice…

This experience has made me wonder…what’s next?!


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  1. Awesome! Just imagine, public toilets, someone wiping their dirty ass, and while doing so accidentally touching it with their hands.. then touching the handle to flush the poo and putting bacteria on the handle. You then afterwards also have to touch that handle to flush and receive that bacteria… gross….

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