Almost a happy birthday


It’s my birthday on Monday – I’ll be a whole 28 years of age. Am I looking forward to my birthday…I’m not so sure. I don’t have that childish excitement that lingers in anticipation of a birthday. It’s not because I have a fear of getting older – not at all (or at least, not yet…), but I think it’s because my mind is so preoccupied with other things. Perhaps some of these things are things that my mind shouldn’t be preoccupied with, but nonetheless, these things have slipped through the gaps – and now they’re lodged in my brain.

The one thing about Monday that I’m looking forward to though is getting to open the gift that Mani left here for me. It’s been placed on a table in my living room and I’ve been given strict instructions not to touch it, shake it, or manhandle it. This has been particularly hard for me because I love fiddling around with gifts, trying to figure out what they are. (I still haven’t learnt my lesson – manhandling = guessing = guesses are generally correct = disappointment).

Perhaps my birthday will bring along other presents…some unexpected surprises from above! Oh if only! 🙂


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