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I want to be a…: Tang yuan


Yes, a Tang yuan is what I want to be. That’s the thought I had today. Well actually, the original thought was, “I want to be like a glutinous rice ball” – and then I thought about it further and did some research and learnt that glutinous rice balls are called Tang yuan.

So why on earth would I want to be like a glutinous rice ball? Well, these little fellas are rather resilient let me tell you! You take them out of the freezer and they’re really unappealing. If you didn’t know they were glutinous rice balls, you’d mistake them for round pieces of chalk – not appealing at all. But these little suckers are exposed to boiling water and instead of disintegrating, they become softer and more interesting, as they gently float around in the pot.

Not only does their outer consistency change, but so do their contents. These balls are sometimes filled with (very yummy!) fillings – my favourite being red bean paste. The result is that when you lift these little darlings out of the boiling water, blow on them to cool them down, and then bite into them – there’s a burst of sweetness that makes you shut your eyes and try your best to savour the moment forever!

But this still doesn’t explain why I’d want to be one of these little curiosities. Well, I think they’re remarkably brave, and for a little thing that goes through so much heat (boiling water is hot you know…) – to simply just rise to the top and then actually be changed into something better by the heat – is awesome!

That’s what I wish to be like something that – through heat and pressure…circumstances that may not really be great – still manages to come out the other side in a gloriously magnificent manner – even better than before! It’s a challenge, but it really is my wish for myself.

I wish not to disintegrate in the midst of trying circumstances, but rather, to use said circumstances to my benefit – as an opportunity to become even better than before. Easier said than done, I know, but at least I have the right intention 🙂